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Morgan Stanley Deal Maker to Join BDT & Co
One of Morgan Stanley's top negotiators, Jim Head, is leaving to become an advisor and investor at BDT where he will be advising some of the wealthiest families in the world.

Whistleblower wins U.S. Appeals Court Victory; Split Created
A divided U.S. appeals court on Thursday made it easier for some corporate whistleblowers to sue over alleged retaliation, raising the prospect that the U.S. Supreme Court may need to address the issue.

SEC's Use of Administrative Law Judges Questioned
Several litigants have challenged whether the SEC's expanded use of administrative law judges is constitutional and provides a fair system for participants

Pediatric Nutrition Giant Enters into Agreement with SEC
For two years, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission led an investigation into a number of Mead Johnson's promotional practices in China between 2008-2013. The pediatric nutrition company has announced that it has entered into a settlement agreement with the SEC totaling $12,030,000.

SEC affirms relevance of full market view in letter to BATS
SEC re-affirms that Vendor Display Rule requires quotation based on consolidated data and not an exchange's subset of data

U.S. appeals court finds SEC cannot retroactively apply Dodd-Frank bans
Punitive industry bans created by the 2010 Dodd-Frank Wall Street reform law cannot be applied to defendants whose misconduct predated the law, a federal appeals court recently ruled.

Crying Foul on Plans to Expand the S.E.C.’s In-House Court System
Many oppose the expansion of internal tribunals citing that they may not be impartial and fair to defendants.

Investment Advisers Could Be Required To Report Suspected Money Laundering
Under a draft rule of FinCEN expected to be made public in July, registered investment advisers would be required to have anti-money laundering programs and file SARs, similar to existing broker-dealer requirements.

Financial Services Are Huge Target of Cyber Crime
According to a new report, financial services firms are much more likely to be attacked than businesses in any other industry.

States Challenging SEC Regulation A+
Massachusetts and Montana have filed suit against a recently adopted SEC regulation that relaxed registration requirements for start-up companies seeking to raise less than $50 million. The states claim that the new rule is preempting their review of stock offerings by small and emerging companies.

FINRA Arbitration Panels Affected By Rule Changes
The SEC has accepted proposed changes to FINRA Rules 12100(p), 12100(u), 13100(p) and 13100(u), which redefines "public" and "non-public" arbitrators in customer and industry disputes. These changes will impact the composition of FINRA arbitration panels, particularly the level of financial industry experience public arbitrators have.

SEC Seeks Higher Standards for Financial Advisers
SEC Chair Mary Jo White is calling for a new regulation that would implement a fiduciary duty for broker-dealers and investment advisers. The standard would become acting in the best interest of the investor rather than the current requirements to make suitable recommendations.

White House Hosts Summit on Cybersecurity and Consumer Protection
President Obama is urging shared efforts by the private sector and government to combat increasing cyber threats.

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