Transactional and Business Advisory Lawyers

The Transactional and Business Law Group at Lehman & Eilen regularly represents clients in business and legal matters ranging from start-up to continued counseling of businesses on an on-going basis. Our attorneys assist clients on the formation and structure of the most efficient form of business entity for their purposes, including partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). Our firm also advises companies in raising capital through financial institutions or private placements.

We frequently draft partnership agreements, shareholder agreements and LLC operating agreements, as well as prepare corporate bylaws and other required documents. Our attorneys counsel members of senior management, boards of directors and equity owners on start-up, reorganizational and other ongoing business issues, capitalization, liability and other legal and business matters. We also routinely negotiate and prepare employment, compensation and expense sharing agreements.

Given our experience in the financial services sector, our corporate and business advisory services include evaluation and structuring of business entities with a view towards compliance with applicable regulatory schemes. As an example, we assist hedge fund sponsors in preparing governing and offering documents, including subscription agreements, private placement memoranda and investment management agreements.

In addition, our Business Law Group represents businesses in transition. Many of our clients begin their venture as closely held corporations and some make the strategic decision to go public. We advise clients on public offering specifics, business structure and operational matters that may arise during this time and after. We also represent businesses that are involved in merger or acquisitions. Whether the company is joining hands with, assuming or being assumed by another, there are many issues that need attention. Our firm represents clients during negotiations, including advising on structure. For clients acquiring another business through a merger or other acquisition, we assist in a comprehensive due diligence review of the target company’s business, its principals, operations and finances. We likewise assist in the review of prospective purchasers or investors when representing sellers in mergers, acquisitions or other sales transactions.

Our transactional and business advisory attorneys also assist clients in various types of restructurings and reorganizations, whether to accomplish changes in ownership, to create greater financing or operating flexibility or to meet new regulatory requirements.

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